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About Bihar


With the majestic River Ganga flowing through its middle, Bihar is the perfect tourist attraction for millions of tourists. While Patna, the capital city is bestowed with some of the most enchanting attractions with modern-day architecture, the serene city of Bodhgaya takes you back to the past when everything around was calm and beautiful. The best Bihar trip packages will allow the tourists to get the best out of this fascinating gem in India. Defined beautifully by rich culture, colorful festivals, quaint monuments, ancient monasteries, and the rustic charm, Bihar captivates the heart of numerous tourists.

From age-old Viharas and mighty Hindu Temples to Mystic Hill Caves and intriguing museums, the Bihar tour packages will cater to the need of every traveler. The tourist attractions in Bihar speak a lot about the glorious prehistoric and historic eras of the country.

Best Time to Visit Bihar


The best time to explore Bihar is in the moths from November to mid-March as the weather is pleasant and a bright sun keeps the days soothingly warm for sightseeing.

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